Jeffrey Wood was born in an historic Ghanaian former slave town called Cape Coast, known for its fishing, farming and artists. After becoming an orphan at an early age, he took up yoga and joined a centre for talent development where he learned music composition, dance and acrobatics, training for 12 hours daily on the beach. From there he toured Africa and beyond with a Ghanaian/Danish dance theatre group. Immigrating to Canada in 2008, Jeffrey adopted the Mr. Fantastik moniker for both his Jah Request reggae band and his acrobatic endeavours. His daring, freestyle martial art, capoeira dance and circus tricks earned him a spot on Canada's Got Talent. He takes young and old on awesome adventures with his balancing, spinning, juggling and contortion routines.

Welcome to Mr FANTASTIK web site
Welcome to Mr FANTASTIK web site

About Jeffrey wood, Mr,Fantastik

International music super star, Rastafarian and humanitarian activist   Mr. Fantastik  straddles the boundaries between Africa, Europe, the Caribbean and the U.S. to create an appealing sound that unites generations and cultures. With an easy-going charisma and reputation as a dedicated champion of social causes, Mr, Fantastik’s  infectious grooves and dance-inducing anthems have consistently excited fans across the globe. A galvanizing performer, The simple multi talented Mr, Fantastik has played at many festivals and has shared the stage with Alpha Blondy, Elephant man, Toots and the Maytals,Morgan Heritage, Anthony Cruz, Dubwise, Mello Man, Razor B, Tasman Jude, The Human Rights, Glen Washington, Warrior King, The black seed, Rita Marley, among many others. Named one of Africa’s Top 10 global stars by CTV, he has showcased his talent at prestigious venues such as The Vogue theatre Vancouver, BC,Granville Studio Records Vancouver BC, The Commodore Ballroom Vancouver BC, The Rio theatre, 

Mr. Fantastik was  born February 11, 1980 he grew up In Ghana, A slavery historic town called Cape Coast, Where music, entertainment, fishing and farming Is their major resources to life, 
At a very tender Age, Mr Fantastik lost His family and ended up In a Little Ashram In a village In Ghana called Asian Fasu where he took On Vedas Spiritual Growth, He practised All kinds of yoga and life self spiritual discipline, At the age of ten, He moved back To His birth place Cape Coast And joined the centre for national culture, learning and talent development (Agro) where he realize how much more talent he was gifted, Not only writing and composing his own music at a young age but also able to dance and do so many circus Acrobatics Tricks, The Ability To Feel And Play Any Kind Of Instrument Naturally. 

Mr Fantastik Ghana-born reggae and dance hall artist who fuses African and Jamaican influences and blends them with a stage show that needs to be seen to believe. A circus performer and acrobat, it’s not unusual to see Mr. Fantastik show off his skills in Afro music, reggae music, dance hall, R&B, acrobatics and even a fire show! Throughout Mr Fantastik s childhood music was always at the forefront of his passions, On June 2008 Mr, Fantastik migrated to Canada to continue his musical mission,

He has established his own musical and acrobatics, dance company, toured and played in many venues and festivals such as, Panafest, Ghana, Sound wave festival, The Calgary folk and reggae Fest,Vancouver reggae festival, Surrey fusion festival. Caribbean day festival Vancouver, So you think you can dance Canadian TV show,Forward Festival, Canada’s got talent  TV show And Many More,

Mr, Fantastik continues his road of music, dance and acrobatics In North America with Jah request root life reggae band and also recording his third album called (Kaboom) It is a great privilege to welcome you to consider booking Mr, Fantastik on your next event, For his great voice and amazing acrobatics will surely wow his fans and audiences life’s with his supper powerful energy, Mr Fantastik quote (Music is the food for the soul) and he is always ready to give you a different whole idea about how amazing we are. 
We are music so let it play from the soul.


Do you wish for a professional performer in your next event ?Then kindly consider booking Jeffrey wood (A.K.A MR FANTASTIK)For the past 12 years of his life has been training and teaching .traveling and performing and also sharing his unique musical and circus talent .

Mr fantastik has bean on Top Canadian Talent TV shows (Canada's got talent ) (ZIONK.D) and had also toured and performed across Europe
.Africa .,Asia and north america 
Not only does his show fit all criteria's of events and age but also the power and energy in his talent will motivate and inspire you to the top
Mr fantastik says book him on your next event for all his shows are 
Sacrifice to help charity and needy
It is SHOW TIME . -===-=-=--=-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=